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Best Genvideos Alternatives to Stream Movies Free (2022)

If you have been looking for where you can get free Genvideos Alternatives then here it is

Genvideos is a website where you can stream movies absolutely free, the website was taken down by hosting company due to copyrighted contents which it offers, since then the website admin has been trying to recover but all to no avail now the website redirects you to a page with bunch of spammy ads which is not something you want.

There are multiple apps and websites which are great alternative to Genvideos, they don’t contain any spammy ads which is great and you’d be getting all the info about them here on this article.

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Lists of Best GenVideos Alternatives to Stream Movies Free

1. HDO BOX – www.hdo.app

Hdo box is a website that operates on an app, this app is what I consider to be the best Genvideos alternative and that’s why it tops the list, this app offers you with free movies which you can stream without paying a dime, the only issue is that you can’t download the movies from this app to your device but can you stream it there, you can stream movies based on your preferrence, they’re different movie brands you can choose from such as: Marvel, DC, DreamWorks etc.

Best Genvideos alternatives to stream movies free

You can stream sci-fi movies, animated movies, seasonal movies and more, this app does not contain ads, you can download this app for Android or IOS on their website .

2. YouTube – www.youtube.com


Youtube is also an app owned by google, you can access it from your browser or from the app which ever you think is better, youtube is a platform where you can stream movies for free, they’re are thousands of movies you can checkout but if you’re looking for the latest movies am not sure you can find it on youtube based on the fact that the publishers won’t be allowed due to copyright policy.

If you want to learn a skill, youtube is the best place to checkout for you get videos with full explanation which will help you in building your skill, you can also earn money from youtube as a publisher, once you gain 1k subscribers and 4,000 watch hours, you can signup for Google adsense and once they find you eligible, you’d be accepted and you earn whenever ads are shown to your viewers while watching any of your uploaded videos.

3. Netflix – www.netflix.com

Netflix is a popular company that has produced many award winning movies, this company also has an app where you can stream movies as long as you have a stable network connection, no ads are on the netflix app and it’s very simple to operate, you can download their app on Google playstore or check out their official website.

genvideos alternatives

On this app you can find sci-fi, animated, horror, action, romance and more and all are Netflix original movies, I consider this company to be Genvideos alternative if you like Netflix movies, you can try them out.

4. Showmax – www.showmax.com

Genvideos alternatives

Showmax is a company that produces original movies, they also have an Android and IOS app which you can download and enjoy movies, you’d have to pay a little fee, as low as $2 per month but if you have DStv, you can enjoy showmax completely free as the company gives dstv users discounts on subscriptions.

Although showmax mostly produces drama and seasonal movies, you can also find action and sci-fi movies on the app but that doesn’t mean the movies were produced by showmax, you can make payments monthly through the mydstv app or directly from the showmax app itself, the app contains no ads and has a very simple navigational layout.

5. Disney+ – www.disneyplus.com


Disneyplus is a company owned by disney, a company which is known to have produced popular movies like alice in the wonderland and so on, this company was said to own marvel, an action movie producing company that’s why on their app, you can find many of your favorite super hero movies although you’ll have to pay to stream.

You can find some movies on their website to stream for free but the chances of finding such movies are very low so to save yourself from stress, just pay the fee an enjoy a whole month of uninterrupted entertainment.

Vudu – www.vudu.com

Genvideos alternatives

Vudu is a digital movie streaming platform owned by fandango media, although this company isn’t that popular,this website offers both free and premium movie streaming services, both movies that are free and premium are categorized into separate categories so if you want to access the premium movies, you’d have to pay monthly.

The free plan displays ads bit definitely not too much to spoil your viewing experience, if you want the ads to me removed, you’ll have to purchase the premium plan also, I consider this website to also be one of the best genvideos alternatives to stream movies.


That’s all, those are the best tested and trusted best Genvideos alternatives to Stream Movies Free, most of the apps/websites listed gives you free access to stream movies for free as long as you have a stable Internet connection while others require you to make payment. If you have any website/app where people can stream movies for free, please share them with us in the comments section. Cheers!

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