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Blob Hero Mod Apk Download

Download Blob Hero Mod Apk

Blob hero mod apk is a modified version of the original game, blob hero is an android game where where you face off against an army, you have to try as much as you can to develop your own army for you can split into different pieces and fight as one to defeat your opponents army, then you’d have to face their king which is the toughest in every round.

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This game features various weapons which can be used in battle once you purchase them, anytime you defeat the king, you will qualify for the next level as each level gets harder to pass thereby making the game more exciting for gamers.

Blob Hero Mod Apk

Features of Blob Hero Mod APK

The original version of this game can be downloaded on the play store which game is the same as the mod, the is difference is that the mod has been given access to some features which are explained below

Unlimited Coins

Unlike the original version where you’ll have to play each stage to gain coins so you can use to purchase more weapons and upgrades, blob hero mod apk on the other hand gives you access to unlimited coins which you can spend on weapons and upgrades whereby making each stage easy to pass the best part is that these coins doesn’t get exhausted.

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Unlimited skills to use

The blob hero mod apk also gives you the ability to use different skill to win battles, the trick here is just for you to split yourself as much as you can to outnumber your opponents for better victory, this skills can be used to win each stage without much hassle, you can purchase different types of skills with unlimited coins.

Games like blob hero


Blob hero mod apk has some key features which you have to take not, these key features are what makes the game more exciting so you can continue reading to know what you’ll expect while playing this game.

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  • Join a war with hundreds of armies, split yourself into thousands of pieces to overcome.
  • Improve your fighting skills and amory by buying weapons and power up cards from the store.
  • Endurance to pass every obstacles sort from fighting enemies, developing winning strategies and using your character to its full potential.
  • Multiplayer now available for you to challenge your friends offline and online.

How To Install Blob Hero Mod APK

You can download the mod version using the link below

Download Blob Hero Mod Apk

To install simply move to the download folder on the file manager app of your Android device, click the file and it will automatically start installing, but if it gives you an error message, you can fix that by going to settings>> developer options>> allow installation from unknown sources bam!, the game will start installing.

Blob Hero Mod Apk

Games like Blob Hero

They’re several games like blob hero which you can try out, most of this games are available for download on Google play store.

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Squid game

Squid game is an android game which was developed based on the original movie which was released some years back, this game features obstacles which you’d have to face making it a great game to play for kids and adults.

Blob clash 3D

Blob clash is another games like blob hero which looks like the developers of this game intentionally copied the gameplay of the game which makes it very similar to blob hero mod apk, this game is also available on Google Play store for download.

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Nob hero

This is another game I found on playstore which seem to be one of the best games like blob hero, this game features many characters and skills which can be used in battles when playing although the game isn’t as interesting as blob hero mod apk, you can also download this game on play store if you wish to try it out.

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There you have it, all you need to know about blob hero mod apk, the gameplay and other games like blob hero, you can download the mod here or get the original version on Google play store, if you have any further questions, use the comments section below and we’ll reply as soon as possible, happy gaming!.

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