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Download Zivbo Mod APK

Zivbo Mod APK is a modified version of the original Zivbo app, if you love listening to songs then this app must definitely be your favorite as you can perform alot of actions such as send or receive songs directly on the app, listen and download songs when connected to wifi or data connection etc.

This app is a great competitor to YT a youtube music app which was just launched but you can’t download songs for free you have to pay evey month or all the songs will be deleted automatically which is wrong, but the Zivbo Mod APK grants you the freedom from all stress and gives you the best music experience you can’t find anywhere else.

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Unlike the original version which has restricted features this mod gives you amazing experience and unlocks everything for you to use for free, features of zivbo mod APK  are below.

Zivbo Mod APK

Features of Zibvo Mod Apk

Offline download: the original version of this app only allows you to listen to songs online but with this mod, you can download your favorite songs and listen offline whenever you wish.

Premium unlocked: on zivbo mod apk, the purchase is disabled so you don’t need to pay before you can be allowed to use the app, you can listen to songs offline and the song will change to other songs without you having to next it yourself.

No ads: the original version of this app has ads which makes the app uncomfortable for free users but with this mod, you can enjoy songs without any ads interruption.

Zivbo Mod APK

Details of Zivbo Mod APK

You don’t have to worry much for this app can work on for Android devices although I don’t know yet if the iOS store has anything similar to this app.

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The mod version can only be downloaded here, if you’re looking for the original version, you can download that on Google play store for free and purchase the premium with your MasterCard or visa whichever is accepted.

Details of Zivbo Mod APK

You can be wondering the type of features of the size which this app contains, well it’s all answered below.

  •  Minimum android operating system: 4.4
  • App size: 30MB
  • Purchase: Free
  • Downloads: 111k

Zivbo Mod APK

How to install Zivbo Mod APK

The installation process of this app is very easy, after downloading all you need to do is go to the download file on your Android file manager click on the app, once it brings notification about installing from unknown sources, accept and the installation process will start.

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Once completed you can now Launch the app and start downloading songs note! You need to be connected to a wifi or data connection before you can download songs on the app but after downloading, you can listen to songs offline.

Is Zivbo Mod APK Safe for my Device?

Yes! I guarantee your device 100% safety of this mod, it contains malware or viruses, the app works smoothly and so does other apps on this website, as long as you install this app on an Android device which has a minimum operating system of 4.4, the app should work smoothly on your device without any lagging.


If you’re a music addict, i strongly recommend this app for you if you can’t afford the cash to purchase the premium of the app on playstore, you can download the Mod here and enjoy all the features for free. Be sure to leave a comment on this article if you have any issues downloading the app or if you have any further questions to ask and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

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