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How to Cancel Auto Renewal on Mtn Data Plan

Have you been looking for how to cancel auto-renewal on mtn, then look no further this article has been published to teach you all you need to know about mtn auto-renewal and how to cancel it at your will.


Mtn Nigeria has been one of the best telecommunications provider among its peers they offer various data plans together with voice plans that fits your pocket, you can walk into any of their stores and purchase your sim card wether prepaid or postpaid.

Cancel Auto-Renwal on MTN

Mtn offers night bundle and other data plans who those who loves surfing the internet but once the data runs out, you will need to purchase another one and that’s why mtn saves you from this stress by offering you with mtn auto renewal which makes automatically renews your data bundle once it’s almost exhausted.

This can become an issue sometimes as most people doesn’t want to renew the data plan anymore due to some financial issues, sure ways which you can use to cancel Auto-Renewal on mtn are listed below.

How to Cancel Auto-Renwal on Mtn

They’re four methods which you can use to cancel Auto-Renewal on mtn you can either use the USSD code, myMtn App, Mtn Smart web and Calling 180 (customer support line).

Method 1: Cancel Auto-Renwal via USSD Code

To stop your data plan from automatically renewing simply….

. On your device dial  *131*1*9*3# >> reply with the number of the bundle option > then enter and your auto renewal will be cancelled.

Method 2: Cancel Auto-Renwal via myMTN App

This is an app that allows you to control your subscriptions, you can also purchase data plan or airtime directly from the app, the app is available for both Android and IOS you can download the app below based on your device operating system.

Download for IOS

Download for Android

After installing myMtn App simply verify phone number to logging then >> subscriptions >> toggle off auto-renwal > turn off.

Cancel Auto-Renwal via MTN Smart Web

Another clever way to stop your data plan from automatically renewing is visiting the portal and follow the steps below.

. Visit MTN Smart Web >> phone number >> OTP >> subscriptions >> Data plan >> toogle off auto-renwal.

Method 4: Cancel MTN Auto-Renwal via 180 ( MTN Customer Care)

If you have tried all the steps above but it didn’t work out, this last step is definitely going to work for you, it’s the simplest of all the methods, all you have to do is just dial 180 and call directly.

You can follow the voice prompt to change the language to your preferred, you can then follow the prompt and you’ll get to where you’d be asked to select a number to cancel Auto-Renewal, if you didn’t get it right you can input to speak with a customer care representative.


The steps available above are all tested and working currently, please note that the steps above are for MTN users only and there is no guarantee that the steps can solve auto-renewal issues on other sim if you need help with that you can check out other articles and you’d definitely find the one that suits your network provider.

This steps also works for the MTN E-sim, you can purchase the E-sim from any MTN store nearest to you if you have any issues with your sim, you can use the customer support line above to call them and tender your issues, currently MTN is the top in Africa when it comes to offering wide coverage although their data plan are not cheap, you can take advantage of the mtn night bundle. We hope through this article you have learned how to cancel Auto-Renewal on mtn, thanks for reading.

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