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How to create Atak Data Packet [Full Guide]

If You might have been wondering what an Atak Data Packet is, then worry no more for this article contains all informations to guide you through what an Atak Data Packet is and how to create Atak Data Packet without much hassle, let’s get started.

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What is an Atak Data Packet?

Android team awareness kit which is abbreviated as (Atak) is a very helpful tool which can be used by both the military and civilians to know precise location and send coordinates between two or more people.

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The Atak Data Packet can snapshot a location but requires stable internet connection in order for it to work, the informations which this tool can share includes: videos, photos, GPS coordinates and text discriptions to help people who have lost their way or worse, Atak Data Packets can be created with an Atak-enabled phone and the informations gotten from it can be shared to other Atak users via text, social media or email.

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Atak Data Packets is a very useful tool which has helped many people in severe situations, it enables you to share what’s around your surroundings in real-time with people to make others make decisions about what to do if you’re in any kind of trouble, although most people doesn’t know how to create Atak Data Packet, if you wish to learn, keep reading.

How to create Atak Data Packet

How to create Atak Data Packet

Creating an Atak Data Packet is very easy as long as you follow the instructions on this article step by step, you’re guaranteed to create Atak Data Packet without any stress. Full Guide on how to create Atak Data Packet is written below.

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  1. First thing to do is to open the Atak application on your device.
  2. Next, click on the “Data” tab below the screen.
  3. Then, click the “Create” button which is at the top right corner of your screen, once you’ve done so, a new window will pop-up make sure you enter correct details of the current event or location.
  4. As soon as you’ve entered your details, click on “Save” button at the top right corner of your screen.
  5. Your Atak Data Packet is now saved and can be shared with people as you wish.

Why should I create an Atak Data Packet?

Creating an Atak Data Packet can help you in terms of personal security, although no one plans for any bad thing to happen, but you should have it activated on your device incase of any emergency and that’s why we’ve given you a guide on how to create Atak Data Packet which you should succced at if you follow the instructions properly.

Can I set up an Atak Data Packet without Internet Connection?

Yeah, setting up can be done without wifi of data connection although you’ll need to be connected to the internet to use the tool to send coordinates if anything should go wrong, but that shouldn’t be an issue since the internet is becoming more popular and wifi is available at almost any location we go so rest assured you can get internet connectivity at anytime.


There you have it, we’ve provided you with a full solution on how to create Atak Data Packet if you still can’t set it up on your own, you can use the comments section to tender the issues you’re experiencing and we’ll help you fix it asap, Atak Data Packet is very useful and recommended for all to have it set up for use on their devices Incase of any emergencies, I hope this article solves your question.

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