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How To Get Free Airtime In 2023

Have you been looking for how to get free airtime in 2023? Look no further, in this article we’re going to share with you two popular apps where you can get free airtime without performing hard tasks and download links which will lead you to play store where you can install them.

Getting free airtime has been what most people crave for based on the fact that some people have to pay before they can get airtime to speak with their friends and families, however, some apps has been discovered that gives you free airtime, this apps are tested and trusted.

Apps to get free airtime in 2023

Although they’re other apps and websites that claims to offer free airtime to their users, they haven’t been tested as Hustlefar is bound to give you legit updates, we have taken our time to test out two android apps which gives it users free airtime, keep reading to know more about these apps.


Free airtime
Let’schat logo

This app gives you free airtime for downloading and chatting with friends and families with it. This app has been trending during the ongoing world cup matches because it’s a unique chatting app that rewards you with free airtime as you chat with your friends. The app has similar interface as WhatsApp, Telegram and other messaging apps but with a little difference.


The app gives you N300 free airtime reward for installing and signing up in 2 days. Also, you can earn up to N5,000 when others register through your invitation link.  Additionally, you can earn up to N500 for chatting for a day, 3 days and even 7 days during the 30 days period after you sign up.


Download the app below this article for free.

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Immediately you finish inputting the necessary and required details for you to sign-up, you’ll be credited with free airtime worth N100 in a matter of seconds. If you want to earn more free airtime daily, you need to also be chatting with your friends and family.

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Note: For you to install the LetsChat app that gives you free airtime on any of your mobile devices(Android or iOS), you need to search for the downloaded app in your File Manager. Click on the LetsChat app for the installation process to begin and start getting free airtime daily but I’ve updated the links now which will redirect you to google play store so you don’t have to go through the troubles of manual installation.


As soon as the app is installed fully on your mobile device(Android or iOS) and you have completed the sign-up process(filling in the required details to enjoy free airtime e.g. phone number, name and an image of you). You will be logged into your own account on the LetsChat app, so click in the bottom right corner which is below to access your profile, and you will see a button with the text “invite friends”. Copy this link and share it to other people who haven’t yet signup on this app.


How to get free airtime 2023
Jiji logo

This a mobile application that works on all mobile devices e.g. Android, iOS and iPad which allows only their customers to go straight to their online market by downloading their official mobile application which the can buy or sell goods online.


Scroll to the bottom of this article to download this mobile app that gives you free airtime.

  1. Immediately you’ve downloaded their official mobile app from our website and installed the app successfully.
  2. Click on the app for it to open and sign up with your social media account e.g. Facebook, e-mail address or G-mail address.
  3. Now you have successfully sign up, so login in to your account and use your mobile number for verification which is simple.
  4. Still on the app, look in the bottom right corner.
  5. Click the “profile button” to access your profile
  6. Scroll a bit down to access the settings page by clicking it.
  7. Still on the settings page, for you to access the mobile number settings for you, you to input your mobile number you need to click it.
  8. Now we are at the verification process where your mobile number will be requested, and you need to input it, so that a verification code will be sent to that mobile number your provided.

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So now you have signed up and completed your verification process and your first free airtime of N100 will be accredited to your app within a short period, which you can later wish to withdraw.


While you are still on the app. Go to your profile page and click on “Invite Friends – Get N2,500” which is a button.

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You will be able to see a visible task which contains some piece of useful information that says you will earn N100 free airtime when anybody clicks on your referral link, download the app and sign-up just like you.


By now you would have generated a good amount of free airtime, and you are already willing to withdraw. You can withdraw the amount displaying on your profile page to the mobile number you provided during the verification process. Below is how to withdraw your free airtime successfully.

  1. Open the app and head to the bottom right corner which is below and click on your profile to access the profile page.
  2. The button that reads “Invite Friends – Get N2,500” is what you should click, and a new page will open.
  3. Click on the button that also reads “Redeem” and a pop-up message will be displayed which entails that your free airtime withdrawal is being processed.

Download LetsChat APK

Download Jiji APK


There you have it, the two apps listed below have been verified to be legit at the time of publishing this article, please if you didn’t get your free airtime after registering and following the instructions above, you can tell us by using the comments section and we’ll guide you better.


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