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How To Remove Palmpay Security plugin on Android or iOS (2023)

Palmpay security plugin has given many people issues when it comes to deactivating it but most people doesn’t even know what it does or how it got into their device that’s why on this article, we’ll explain all you need to know about palmpay security plugin, what it does and how to remove it.

What is palmpay security plugin?

Palmpay security plugin is a software which was developed by flexi OKcard and used by palmpay. It guarantees that lenders repay their loan.

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Once you register on palmpay and you discover you’re eligible to lend money for a period of time which you will have to pay back with interest, palmpay will automatically install the security plugin on your device which can’t be deactivated by the phone user.

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Once you have successfully taken a loan, the plugin will be activated and start working from then onward, as long as the plugin is installed on your device, you won’t he able to perform the following operations:

  • Hard reset your device
  • Modify developer options of your device
  • Deactivate the plugin
  • Check the build number of your device

The above operations will be unavailable once you’ve taken a loan from palmpay, this is to ensure that the lender does not pull any shady tactics to deactivate the plugin neither can the plugin deactivated.

How to remove palmpay Security plugin

What happens if I don’t pay back my loan after due date?

Palmpay security plugin will automatically display a watermark which tells you to pay back your loan, this happens on the third day after the loan due date, appearance of the watermark depends on your internet connection though but you will still be able to operate your device without any restrictions, the watermark doesn’t appear whenever you’re chatting on WhatsApp but appears back when performing other operations.

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If you refuse to pay after some days, your device will be restricted and you’ll be unable to perform any operations on your device, any app you try to open will automatically redirect you to back to palmpay app telling you to pay back your loan.

Palmpay Security plugin

How can I remove palmpay security plugin from my device?

The only way to remove both the watermark and the restriction to operate your device is to pay back the loan, they’re many ways you can use to pay back, you can either fund your palmpay wallet, once that is done, palmpay will automatically deduct your loan and the restriction will be lifted.

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You can also perform a manual payment by telling someone to fund your palmpay wallet and click on any app on your device knowing fully it’ll redirect you to palmpay app where you’d be requested to pay back the loan, you can click on repay to pay back your loan and the restriction will be lifted depending on your network strength.


It’s best advisable to pay back before due date for that can increase your credit score and get palmpay or any other app that lends money to trust you more. palmpay is one of the most used apps in terms of making transactions, if you followed the steps above and you’re still unable to remove palmpay security plugin from your device, comment below and we’ll help out.


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