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Pikashow APK Download For Android

Many people loves watching movies but due to their daily activities they’re not able to do so and that’s what pikashow APK has come to solve so without wasting your time keep reading to know how this app works and how to download it.

What is pikashow APK?

Pikashow is an Android app that gives you the ultimate freedom to watch all types of movies. Like Netflix and showmax which requires you to pay daily, weekly or monthly fee to get access to the movies on them, pikashow app is different for you can enjoy movies on this app without paying a dime.

Pikashow APK

Features of pikashow APK

Pikashow has some features which makes it better than most movie streaming apps out there and the features which makes this app different are listed below.

Ads Free: unlike most movie streaming apps like genvideos, pikashow app doesn’t contain any ads that disrupts your viewing.

No fee: you don’t need to pay any fee before you can be able to stream movies with this app, you can access all movies at anytime of the day.

No buffering: although this mainly depends on your internet connectivity, this app doesn’t have any server issues which guarantees you no buffering issues as long as your internet connection is fine.

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Lightweight app: if you’re looking for a movie streaming app that is very lightweight, then pikashow APK is the best option, the app size is just 11mb which makes it easier on your android device to run without slowing down your RAM.

Search bar: this app has a search bar which makes it easier for you to find your best movies without having to look for it on your own, if you used the search bar and you couldn’t find the movie, then you need to wait for a couple of days and see if it will be added.

50 channels: they’re more than 50 channels which you can choose from, as long as you have a stable connection, you can access each channel from any country and enjoy the content that each channel offers.

Movie updates: if you love watching new movies, pikashow App gives you notifications on newly uploaded movie trailers and when the full movie will be released.

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Quality images: another awesome feature about pikashow is that the movies on the app can be downloaded to your device and streamed in different quality, you can choose to watch in 4k ultra and other definitions depending on your internet connection which I think is a very good feature for a free movie app. Note!! If you have a slow internet connection it’s better you don’t switch the movie quality to 4k for it might cause buffering.

Pikashow APK download

Download Pikashow APK for Android

If you have been looking for where you can download Pikashow apk, then you’re in the right place, download link is provided for you below, this app does not contain any malware, the link below takes you directly to the download page.

Download Pikashow APK

How to install pikashow APK

After you’ve downloaded the app, you can follow this steps to install

File manager >>Download>>select the app and click on install but if it doesn’t install, follow the this step.

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Settings>>developer options>> allow installations from unknown sources>> now follow the steps above and install.


Pikashow apk seems to be a better option for people who wants to watch movies on their devices without paying, this app might seem like a competitor to Netflix and showmax but if you want to get quality movies, I think they’re all good option. If you have any issues while using this app, you can tell using the comments section below.

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