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Rise of Eros Mod v1.1.200 (Unlimited Cash and Gems)

Rise of Eros Mod is one of the best Android games which you can play, this game has a lots of features but trust us to always develope the modified version for you as it comes with some purchase but with the modified version, you don’t need to spend a dime.

About Rise of Eros APK

The god of love, Eros, was one of the first created gods followed by the god of sexuality, Aphrodite, they both we’re the gods which the humankind yearns for but with time, other gods came into existence which lead to a dispute and later resulted into a conflict which was known as “the great battle of the gods” although Eros became victorious, her friendship with Aphrodite lead to betrayal, she was later imprisoned into an ancient relic.

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Years after, civilizations began in the city of Dienne, and some couple of researchers who we’re trying to study the ancient relics mistakenly broke the relic which Eros was imprisoned and she was set free, now she has to find a way to bring back her dead boyfriend as she starts an adventure accompanied by some friends to regain his powers and restore lost memories.

Rise of Eros Mod

Features of Rise of Eros Mod

Rise of Eros Mod APK provides you with premium features online the original game where you have restricted abilities, this modified version gives you unlimited gems to purchase any weapon you like thereby making the game more fun to play. Here are all the features of this game.

Audio and background music

This game soundtrack are well finished for each stage has different background music that makes you feel the game is real, each character also has different interwoven voice which are practiced by skilled professionals.

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You can decide to turn on or off the volume of you think it’s a disturbance but i urge you to keep it on if you wish to have a good gaming experience.

Unlimited Cash and Gems

The original version of Rise of Eros seem to have a cash limit, if you need more cash you’d either have to earn it while playing the game of you’d have to pay for some gems which can be exchanged for cash.

But this modified version gives you unlimited Cash and coins thereby giving you ultimate freedom to purchase any types of wepons you like which tends to make the game more easier for new players.

Unique Storyline

The storyline of Rise of Eros seems to be a unique one, it all started when two gods where created, although Eros was the first god, the other gods came into existence later and then came a dispute among them which led to a chaotic war between the gods.

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Eros overcame all the other gods but got betrayed by Aphrodite which imprisoned her into a magic relic for thousands of years. Scientists who we’re making some research on history mistakenly broke the relic which imprisoned Eros and she was free, from then the adventure of the game starts for you have to fight battles, monstrous creatures and gods to regain your powers and bring Eros boyfriend back to life.

Amazing Combat Experience

They’re various types of relics which you can win on your adventure, each relic increases your fighting skills depending on how powerful they are, you can fight gods and win rare relics which can boost up your skill and give you a higher chance of winning each battle.

Great Graphics

What I forgot to mention is how good this game graphics are, they’re made with 3D which makes it look like you’re playing a game on PS4, the developers made sure they worked on the characters as well to make them look different and talk differently.

You can customize the graphics and the characters too, although Rise of Eros Mod v1.1.200 seems to have great characters, you can also customize them and dress them the way you like.

Rise of Eros APK

Gameplay of Rise of Eros Mod APK

This game happens to be one of interesting fighting games you’d play, you will face different types of obstacles on your adventure and fight various monsters, gods and more.

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Each foe you fight makes you stronger and you’re given a relic once you come victorious in any battle, this relics can be then used to boost up your powers to overcome other opponents when fighting. No doubt, Rise of Eros Mod also contains some scene so i recommended this game for players above 15yrs only.

Download Rise of Eros Mod APK

If you didn’t find the game on Google play store, no worries, it can be downloaded here without although only Rise of Eros Mod v1.1.200 is available for download here.

Rise of Eros Mod v1.1.200

How Do I Install Rise of Eros Mod?

Unlike google play store that automatically installs any APK file you download, you’d have to install this game on your own, if you’re finding it hard, steps which you can take to install are given below.

  1. Go to the file manager of your Android phone.
  2. Navigate to the “download” folder and click the game.
Once that’s done you can install the game but if you experienced an error while installing the game, then follow this steps.
  1.  Go to settings on your device.
  2. Scroll to developer options.
  3. Click on “Allow installation from unknown sources”
  4. Go back to the file manager and install the game now.


Rise of Eros Mod seems to be one of the most wanted games in the United States, if you wish to experience high graphics and control, then this game is suggested for you, this game is available on both iOS and Android but Rise of Eros Mod v1.1.200 only works for Android devices.

The Rise of Eros app has also became one of the used apps on playstore, the full tutorial of the game is available and you can get it on Playstore, please notify us if you experienced any difficulties while installing or or downloading the protected file on our website using the comments section below.

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